Bittergirl perfectly encapsulates the feelings of overcoming a break-up

As musical comedies go, this is one of the best I’ve seen. Bittergirl follows three women who have gone through a breakup – one who was married with a child, another living with her significant other, and the third in a much newer relationship. They are all hurt in varying ways and must learn to love themselves once more.

Each of these women (Lauren Bowler, Katrina Reynolds, Cailin Stadnyk) are given characters they’ve really been able to develop and make into their own. With full personalities and different ways of handling similar relationships, audiences are given an enlightening insight into the ‘bittergirl.’

We follow along with some of the main stages of breakups: initial despair, denial, and rage before moving onto goal-oriented winning him back, and then realising they’re better without.

Although the man’s responses are mostly stereotyped, Josh Epstein still managed to bring depth and originality to the role. Each of his three characters felt clearly defined and he kept them straight despite switching between them in quick succession.

Bittergirl is playing at the Surrey Art Centre until March 4. You can find tickets here.

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