Top Five: Vancouver International Dance Festival events to check out

The Vancouver International Film Festival started recently, and to help you figure out what to see – check out a few more shows below!

1) OKUNI Mother of Kabuki – Yayoi Theatre Movement (Japan)
Studio 1398, March 1-10, 8pm

OKUNI – Mother of Kabuki is Yayoi Theatre Movement Society’s new 70-minute production, choreographed and performed by the local artistic director, Yayoi Hirano, that takes its audiences back to 17th Century Japan and the roots of the Kabuki (avant-garde or bizarre) performances that were heavily influenced by western costume and jewelry.

2) Crumbling – Matthew Romantini (Toronto)
Woodwards Production Studio, March 9-11, 5pm

The human desire to transcend the mundane permeates Crumbling, choreographed by Barbara Bourget for Matthew Romantini. Through movement, sound, and text, this piece explores the creative desire to ascend and the destructive desire to crash.

3) lifeDUETS – Kaeja d’Dance (Toronto)
Roundhouse Performance Centre: March 9-11, 8pm
Performed by Karen & Allen Kaeja, lifeDUETS showcases the collaborative talents of this husband and wife duo, known for their award-winning performances, site-specific works, acclaimed dance films, and educational outreach programs ongoing since 1991.

4) To the Pain that Lingers – Compagnie Virginie Brunelle (Montreal)
Roundhouse Performance Centre: March 16-18, 8pm
In ‘To the Pain that Lingers,’ Montreal choreographer Virginie Brunelle offers a poetic work that is sometimes romantic, sometimes crude, but always informed by her search for our connections to each other, for the links that leave traces and create memories.

5) POST NO BILLS – Kitt Johnson (Denmark)
Roundhouse Performance Centre, March 23-25, 8pm
POST NO BILLS, choreographed and performed by Kitt Johnson, explores the potential of crisis to transform the human condition, based on the view of Existential Psychology that crisis must lead to criticism and not merely be suffered passively.