Top Five: Returning Survivor Castmates

Tonight, the 34th season of Survivor starts with 18 returning members on Game Changers.

Check out my list below for my top five favourites that are returning and an update of everyone on this season!

  1. Malcolm Freberg (29 · Philippines, Caramoan · 4th, 9th) – He’s been one of my favourites since first arriving on a Survivor island, and when I heard they were doing a game changers season I knew he HAD to be on.
  2. Zeke Smith (28 · Millennials vs Gen X · 9th) – Zeke was my favourite competitor from last season, and I was so excited to find out he’d be coming back for this one as well.
  3. Andrea Boehlke (26 · Redemption Island, Caramoan · 5th, 7th) – She played the pretty girl card really well, manipulating the men around her and creating showmances to suit her needs. But she wasn’t just a pretty face, she also managed to prove herself as an incredibly strong competitor in challenges as well.
  4. Ciera Eastin (27 · Blood vs. Water, Cambodia · 5th, 10th) – I loved the Blood vs Water season, in part because of what happened between Ciera and her mum. Voting out a family member was made to be this incredibly difficult decision, and she managed to string both alliances along for so long which was fantastic.
  5. Brad Culpepper (46 · Blood vs. Water · 15th) – I don’t know what it was about him on Blood vs. Water, but I really loved his gameplay even if he wasn’t always the brightest.

And everyone else:

  • Michaela Bradshaw – 25 · Millennials vs Gen X · 14th
  • Tony Vlachos – 42 · Cagayan · Winner
  • Aubry Bracco – 29 · Kaoh Rong · Runner-Up
  • Caleb Reynolds – 28 · Kaoh Rong · 15th (Medevac)
  • James “J.T.” Thomas – 31 · Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains · Winner, 10th
  • Cirie Fields – 45 · Panama, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains · 4th, 3rd, 17th
  • Jeff Varner – 50 · Australian Outback, Cambodia · 10th, 17th
  • Debbie Wanner – 50 · Kaoh Rong · 9th
  • Hali Ford – 26 · Worlds Apart · 11th
  • Ozzy Lusth – 34 · Cook Islands, Micronesia, South Pacific · Runner-Up, 9th, 4th
  • Tai Trang – 52 · Kaoh Rong · 2nd Runner-Up
  • Sandra Diaz-Twine – 41 · Pearl Islands, Heroes vs. Villains · Winner, Winner
  • Sarah Lacina – 32 · Cagayan · 11th
  • Troyzan Robertson – 54 · One World · 8th
  • Sierra Dawn-Thomas – 29 · Worlds Apart · 5th

Follow along with me on Twitter @reviewsbylauren, and watch during the West Coast broadcast!


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