The Bachelor makes his choice and After The Final Rose sees Rachel meeting her men

Chris’ other big hosting night of each season is upon us, as Nick must choose between Vanessa and Raven before sitting down to hash it out for another hour afterwards. Or maybe Nick won’t choose anyone, but with how much they’ve pushed that idea it doesn’t seem likely…

We’re off to Rovaniemi in north Finland this week and has anyone else noticed how good Nick looks in all these winter clothes, is that why we’re ending the season here?

Meet the Families

Some of the family has met Raven, so it shouldn’t be as scary for her going into this date. Bella and Raven’s friendship is really cool and makes me so hopeful for her – I just love Raven. Really, all the conversations feel so open and mature, and she seems to understand what the whole premise of the show is. She’s aware there’s another woman here and doesn’t really shy away from the tough conversations.

And then as Vanessa meets the family, Nick seems a lot more disinterested. She tells stories of their first date and I think he zoned out? She leans back into his arm and he moves it away from her, how is that a good sign? During her conversations with the family she cries with his dad and opens up to his mother about her fears and I don’t see how that’s the best person to relay that to?

His mum seems so guarded now, after two seasons of dramatic heartbreak. I can’t say I blame her, but that’ll also make it a lot more difficult for him to feel confident. Why is his family so set on seeing him get heartbroken again? They almost look gleeful when talking about it.

Do or Dump Dates

Vanessa gets the first ‘final date’ and they seem so awkward around each other – at least until they run into Santa Claus which makes everything a hell of a lot weirder. I hate to tell you all, but Santa doesn’t exist and these people can’t actually be excited about it? They get into some more serious conversations, as Vanessa can’t decide whether she’s okay knowing that Nick might only like her a little more than Raven. Seeing as he couldn’t give her any good answers, I’m not surprised she’s a little wary. In the evening, he’s composed himself and recovers pretty well but Vanessa still can’t stop crying. That night as he comforted her while she cried actually made me like them a lot more, though. Is that strange?

Raven’s date has more of the same bubbly happiness that has endeared her to viewers all season. Apparently, Nick calls her “my love” though, which is really cute. They go ice skating and it’s just as cute as their first date, which was just about my favourite of the season. But seriously why do all their dates consist of kissing on the uncomfortable ground (ice and swamp water)? In the evening, Raven makes sure to tell him just how sure she is about him and he gives her pretty much those same assurances. Which is weird, because I swear he isn’t picking her in the end (as much as I want him to).

The Big Day

So after a season of drama, it’s finally the time for Nick to choose one of his women (or go home empty handed and… show up in Bachelor in Paradise this summer?). We’re at the big moment and Raven steps out of the SUV first, which means she isn’t winning. She gives her whole spiel which is pretty much the same as what she’s said the past few times with a bit more details. Just like with Rachel, he seems so cut up by letting Raven go and having to break up with her that it’s hard to imagine he cares more for Vanessa here.

So then it’s onto Vanessa’s proposal and he starts out with this lovely speech of exactly when he fell in love with her. I gotta be honest, it’s pretty damn romantic. She goes for it afterwards and -surprise, surprise- they get engaged. Still pretty cute, but then we’re immediately off to After the Final Rose for something that’s apparently incredibly dramatic…

After The Final Rose

Raven comes out first and gives the normal answers about Nick and Vanessa before accepting an offer for Bachelor In Paradise. Then it’s off to Vanessa who spills all about how she’s a big personality but things are going well with them. So the usual talk, honestly.


But let’s get down to that “historic” announcement that they’ve been talking about this whole time. The Bachelorette starts *right now* with a cute little mansion backdrop and a couple trees as she meets her first four men. That’s certainly a spectacular twist, and I’d love to see that most seasons.

So we start with Demario who’s very handsome and has tickets to Vegas and a fake ring. It’s the cute, kind of ridiculous stuff that happens with limo exits, so I’m glad someone followed through with that. We get Blake who is… kind of awkward, but nothing too bad – they are in front of an audience. Next is a guy I didn’t hear the name of who makes a “going black” joke and it was just so awful. Eric from Baltimore seems to have an immediate connection with Rachel and I’m absolutely loving him so far. Can I make an immediate prediction that he’ll be there for a while?


But what did you think of the finale? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter!