Survivors change tribes and new hidden immunity idols

Last week, we saw Ciera get voted out first with Tony following close behind. Both came from the Mana tribe which will need some big help to compete against the solid-looking Nuku tribe.

We start off a little different this week with an immediate tribal swap, and now there’s three tribes which will change things up quite a lot.

New teams:

  • Mana (red): Caleb, Hailey, Tai, Brad Culpepper, Sierra, and Dianne.
  • Nuku (blue): Michaella, Malcolm, JT, Sandra, Aubry, and Varner.
  • Tavua (green): Troizan, Cirie, Andrea, Sarah Zeke, and Ozzie.

Making a New Home:

Malcolm is stunned by how great the Nuku beach is because they’ve decorated and created the best camp this show has probably ever seen. JT is the odd one out as everyone else is from the old Mana tribe, so he leads people into the ocean as he goes searching for an idol. Before their next challenge, everyone goes on the hunt for goats and they catch a mom and baby. Only Sandra is interested in killing them (they’re “made for human consumption”), while everyone else thinks that’s heartless so they let them go. Remember first episode, when they said it would be impossible to catch goats, though?

Apparently, Brad Culpepper likes antiquing which is incredibly cute. He reminds me so much of Colby (one of my favourites) because he seems to really enjoy the process of the show, being out there, and the people he’s there with. He’s at odds with the Koah Rong group that played together in a previous season, but he’s making some alliances and bonding with everyone on the new Mana.

People are trying to be positive about starting fresh on Tavua but the Cirie and Ozzie thing is still a little strange. Everyone is really uninterested in bonding with Troizan since he’ll be the first to go for them but he finds a hidden immunity idol clue which helps him out. This year hidden immunity idols are in challenges, though so it will be a lot harder to actually find them and not get caught.

Challenges and Hidden Idols

Three people tied up together go through an obstacle course, fill buckets with water, and try to lower a gate. The other three will untie knots solve a puzzle afterwards. The winners get a tarp and the choice of comfort items or spices, while the runners up get the leftovers.


Only Mana goes through the bottom which slows them up, while Nuku pushes through and has an early lead. The puzzle stage is when it gets interesting. We have Sandra and Varner on Nuku who win, Zeke and Cirie next, with Culpepper and Sierra losing out but getting really close. But if you were focused on the hidden idol, Troizan did manage to pick it up as everyone celebrated.

Deciding between Strength and Alliances

The big question here is whether the Tai-Caleb history or having a weak team is scarier. Culpepper decides to sit down with Tai and see what his alliance is. Caleb and Hailey start going back and forth in Tribal about who’s the more dangerous player to keep along. Is the quiet, mild-mannered Hailey more dangerous than strong, brash Caleb? Who knows!

5 Caleb – 1 Hailey