Antigona stuns as Greek tragedy and flamenco melds perfectly

Critically acclaimed Noche Flamenco has created Antigona, choreographed by and starring Soledad Barrio and directed by Martin Santangelo. Blending the musical poetry of Sophocles with dance to tell its powerful story of Antigone, a strong woman who sacrifices herself for family, Antigona is unlike anything I had ever seen before.

This melding of flamenco and Greek tragic styles created an elaborate, detailed piece. With intense themes of repression, loss, family, and female empowerment it seemed to resonate strongly with the audience.

Barrio created inspired choreography that created personal styles for each dancer and character. I couldn’t try to list favourites if I tried because everyone was so powerful and present in their characters. Flamenco was the perfect style to pair with such a story, as it provided ample opportunity for story telling and great expressions of emotion within the confines of the dance.

This was a passionate, enthralling performance. I had never seen something which married the music and dance so well together or managed to create such a fun, enveloping opening before the tragedy really builds.