New Music Roundup

There’s been a lot of great music coming out in the past couple months. Tomorrow, we’ll be introducing our April Band of the Month and reviewing their newest album, but why not give you a couple new tracks to listen to in the meantime?

Check out some new music from Jenna Kyle, 

Jenna Kyle‘s new song ‘Lovelorn’ released recently and it beautifully showcases her powerful voice in a melodic, romantic song that hits all the right notes.

A new hypnotic track ‘No Good Reason’ from Former Faces came at just the right time. It’s moody, electronic sound fits perfectly into my late winter vibes.

TEST released another new alt-rock song ‘Hallways’ that still reminds me of high school punk rock, but a little less grunge this time around. It’s angry and loud, and can take you out of almost any funk.

Last up is Close Talker‘s second single from their upcoming album Lens. ‘Okay Hollywood’ is an indie rock track with an upbeat yet sobering reminder to stay grounded.