Figure skating meets street dance and contemporary performance in new production Vertical Influences

Rising stars Le Patin Libre are creating a new kind of ice dancing, far beyond the confines of traditional figure skating. There are no sparkles, no stereotypes, and no fuzzy animal costumes. Coming off a sold-out European tour, this is your chance to see the fresh and inventive Canadian group before they explode onto the international scene.

Le Patin Libre was founded in 2005 by world class ex-figure skaters. Bored of the stereotypes associated with ice dancing, and desperate to escape the narrow parameters of sequins and sparkles, Le Patin Libre’s initial performances were simple but beautiful presentations on frozen ponds. Audiences loved them, but the more conservative world of Canadian figure skating was unsupportive. Thanks to residencies offered by private ice rink owners in France, they were able to dedicate themselves seriously to their research, and continue experimenting with the ice dancing genre. Their rebellious and boundary-pushing creativity has opened up the genre in new and exciting ways. Now, in partnership with arts organisations and community ice rinks, Le Patin Libre are able to use their passion for ice skating to gather sports fans, art aficionados, and people who normally don’t spend time together, to enjoy this beautiful, challenging and joyful performance.

Tickets are available at The Cultch