Some of Vancouver’s most exciting dance and theatre artists come together in How To Be

How to Be brings together some of Vancouver’s most exciting dance and theatre artists in a humorous exploration of what it is to “be”.  Award-winning choreographer/ creator Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg (bANGER, Goggles, Porno Death Cult, and Highgate), in collaboration with a whole host of Vancouver’s favourite theatre and dance performers, has created a show that is sure to transcend preconceived notions about dance and theatre.

The question “how to be” comes up constantly in our lives. It is answered in thousands of conflicting ways, through our histories, everyday experiences, anxieties, social media, and the real people we find around us, known and unknown. How to Be is a close up look at how we think we “should” be, how we feel others “should” be, and the beautiful failure of it all.

In signature comic style, Cheyenne Friedenberg takes  well-known local performers  (Justine A. Chambers, Susan Elliott, Kate Franklin, Josh Martin, Bevin Poole, Kim Stevenson and Marcus Youssef) out of their comfort zone in order to dive deep into places of vulnerable poignancy. Partially premiered at Boca Del Lupo’s Micro Performance Series, and Dancing on the Edge 2015, How To Be was further developed during a residency at The Cultch in the summer of 2016.