FabFitFun Spring 2017 box reviewed, plus discount code!

My first FabFitFun box was in Fall 2016 but after a lacklustre Winter, I wasn’t sure what to expect this time around. I was so excited for add-ons and the select choices to be released, and since those were so great I was pretty sure I’d love the main box as well. Turns out, it’s absolutely fantastic. Check below for my thoughts on all the items, plus a discount code to get $10 off your first box!New this season was a Choice feature, as all members got to choose between an Emerald DUV bracelet cuff or Luv AJ earring set. I picked the earrings, because I’m not a big bracelet wearer, and they are absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been really getting into rose gold recently, so this was the perfect earring type for me.

DSC_0060And then there’s select – where annual members got to choose between three lipstick shades for the RealHer combo (nude, pink, and red – obviously I went with red) and the Gypsy 05 roundie. Am I excited about the roundie? I don’t really know yet. It won’t actually be sunny and warm enough for me to have a picnic or beach day for another month at least, but so far I’m liking it. It definitely seems like a great option for lounging. But the lipstick? Girl, I am so.excited. I already like the RealHer brand, and the fact that the combo set comes with lip liner, matte liquid lipstick, and a sheer lip gloss is so exciting. There’s so many options of what kind of look I can create, and how cute are those item names?

DSC_0020Then there’s all of the ~real~ surprises. So first up, I immediately noticed the nail polish. I was hoping there would be some pretty pastel nail polish, because that just screams Spring to me, and they added a pair of Deborah Lippmann colours! One is ‘Like a Virgin’ cream, and the other is either ‘Blue Orchid’ blue or ‘Shape of My Heart’ pink. So pretty, and I already know that I like the quality of her polishes from the confetti one I got in my Winter mystery bundle add on.

DSC_0028There was a clear ‘prepping for summer’ vibe in this box, with three beauty items that will go a long way in helping me on that path. First up was the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion age defying exfoliator. This never felt too abrasive like some exfoliators can, but it still made my skin feel really nice and soft afterwards.

DSC_0036On to the Karuna hydrating face masks! Now, I got a bunch of masks in the add ons (lips, hands, feet, you name it!)  but I didn’t get any full face masks – and I can’t express how happy I am about that! There’s four in this pack which makes it even better (one per week!) because it means I’ll get a lot of relaxing, me-time in soon.

DSC_0029After such a dry, cold winter I was excited to get the Briogeo Rosarco Milk repairing leave in conditioning spray as well. It has a really soft, mild smell and it never felt like it was weighing my hair down. I have super fine hair, so that’s always a bit of a concern for me when I’m adding any kind of product. I just wish they wouldn’t include any of the box items in add ons, because I almost bought this and the Dr. Brandt stuff during the sale. Now that would have been frustrating!

DSC_0040And lastly, we had a cute beach bag that you can put wet swimsuits in, or use as a clutch to toss your sunscreen, keys, and wallets in. There were a few colour and pun options on these, and I got the cute green ‘Resting Beach Face’ one. They were so cute, and a really great size for quickly tossing a couple items in.

Americans also received beauty vitamins (basically, vitamins with specific stuff in them that will help hair, nails, and skin). I’m Canadian so I didn’t get that, but since you all know my problem with a lot of vitamin brands, I wasn’t too disappointed. What did severely disappoint me was the sponsored items we got instead of the sponsored gummy vitamins.

There was a Pr-a-po coupon for $20 off when you spend $25, but that website is quite expensive. Everything cute is at least $100, so then you’re stuck spending $80ish to get that $20off, which isn’t really worth it. The next coupon was for Let’s Nom which is only available in Toronto. Surprisingly, there’s more than one city in this country – and I’m on the other side as well. It would be easier to get a discount code for something in Seattle, at that point. And lastly is 20% off at NudeStix. There’s nothing wrong with that one, and I guess if anyone else can get use out of those discounts that’s great – but I didn’t really sign up for these boxes to get discount codes that make me spend even more money.

With a value of $369-374 (depending on which choice item you picked) this Spring box was so worth it. I have so many new things to try out (plus a lot of add ons, because I went a liiiittle crazy with face masks, hair care, and a mystery bundle or two), and it’s a great way to treat yourself. Who doesn’t like opening up surprise gifts every once in a while?

If you want to try out the FabFitFun boxes for yourself, use this link and enter the code SPRINGTIME to get $10 off your first box!