Belfry premieres Alice Munro Stories – in an all new theatrical format, word for word.

From April 18 to May 14, the Belfry Theatre will present Alice Munro Stories – featuring two of Munro’s celebrated short stories – Differently (from Friend of My Youth, 1990) and Save the Reaper (from The Love of a Good Woman, 1998) – in an all new theatrical format, word for word.

Using each story word for word as the script, director Anita Rochon and actors Caroline Gillis, Arggy Jenati, Gerry Mackay, Michael Scholar Jr., and Jenny Wasko-Paterson will merge theatre and the short story into a unique theatre adventure.

“…each of these stories contains a novel’s worth of depth and secrecy and humanity. Each story reveals, through perfect specificity, a universal feeling that transcends the borders of both geography and genre.” (on The Love of a Good Woman) The Guardian

Last year, director Anita Rochon and the Belfry’s Michael Shamata and Ivan Habel travelled to San Francisco to meet with JoAnne Winter and Susan Harloe from Word for Word. Started in 1993, Word for Word creates theatre using only the words as they were written by the original author.

With Alice Munro’s longtime editor and publisher, Douglas Gibson, Michael and Anita reread dozens of her short stories to come up with two that would translate well in this new theatrical format.