Mathematical constellations of human connectivity mapped in Pi Theatre’s mind-racing Long Division

Intricate narrative of intertwined lives unravels through a poetic combination of mathematical metaphor & choreographed movement.

Pi Theatre presents a refreshed remount of Peter Dickinson’s otherworldly and resonant Long Division from April 26-30 at the Annex Theatre.

The intellectually charged, emotionally gripping work combines multimedia and physical theatre to explore the mathematics of human connection.

“Math is a secret language hidden in plain sight. So much of what we see in the world around us – traffic patterns, the growth of plants, our ubiquitous mobile devices – are governed by logic and patterns that can be expressed purely in numbers […] In this remarkable play, Peter exploits this phenomenon and takes it a step deeper – using mathematics to chart the connection between disparate humans. It is a thrilling accomplishment whose end result wrenches your heart and sets your mind racing in equal measure. -Richard Wolfe, Pi Theatre artistic director
Long Division’s story revolves around seven characters who are travelling to a downtown bar on the occasion of a complicated anniversary. The ensemble represents a diverse and discordant group, including a high school math teacher, a soccer – loving Imam, a lesbian bar owner, an aspiring actress, and a single – mother working in the corporate world, among others. Despite their eclectic backgrounds, the Venn Diagram of their lives overlaps in a singular, unresolved traumatic event that binds their pasts together.
Through excursions into number theory, geometry, and logic, the players struggle to delineate their evocative, elusive patterns of entanglement, but find that one emotional variable consistently remains unsolved.
The acting ensemble includes some of the city’s finest performers, including Anousha Alamian, Jay Clift, Nicco Lorenzo Garcia, Jennifer Lines, Melissa Oei, Linda Quibell, and Kerry Sandomirksy.
Long Division is a play about the search to discover and understand all of the profound and painful ways we are tied to one another. In life, as in math, it is often difficult to see the patterns that link us or the connections we make until we experience them from different angles. This bold and innovative work demonstrates how the seven characters need each other, the audience, and a healthy dose of mathematical history and theory to find the answer to the question they all share.
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