March 2017 FitSnack subscription box, reviewed with discount code!

I got another FitSnack box in the mail recently, and I’ve been slowly testing out all the items. It’s great to have a couple healthier options at the office, and when I’m sitting down in front of the TV, but I wish they valued flavour a little more 

DSC_0026This month, I started with the Rise Buddy rice chips. The packaging was super cute and they ended up being a great alternative! They would also be a great gluten free option for those with Celiac and that might be why I enjoyed them so much – I already really enjoy rice crackers.

DSC_0025To stop those unhealthy breakfasts, this time they’ve added a granola and puffs cereal to the box. I loved that you could add milk to the container, so it’s perfect for offices where you may be hard-pressed to find a bowl.

Matcha is really popular at the moment, so another packet item in the box is a powdered matcha you can add to smoothies and other cooking. I was a little disappointed in the matcha quality – this tasted like all sugar, just like the green tea powder Starbucks uses – but I guess for someone wanting a little ‘green’ in their smoothie it might not be too bad.

DSC_0019I wish they valued flavour over ‘health’ a little bit more. I’m not big on energy drinks, and they basically provided three things like that this month. First there was the LifeAid supplement drink with a big mix of ingredients ranging from ginger to cayenne to rosemary and oregano. I didn’t expect it to taste good, since those flavours don’t exactly go well together and… it didn’t. For someone focused on getting an energy boost over having a nice drink, this is probably fine for them but that’s not what I look for.

DSC_0007Then, there were two PepPod packets in berry flavour. Basically, you pop a powder tablet in water, and drink. It tasted a little medicinal – like those vitamin C tablets you get in the drugstore – but I guess that’s because it’s kind of the same thing. These pack a lot more than just vitamin C into their tablet, but it’s basically the same thing.

We also got an organic beef, carrot, apple, and hemp seed bar which… let’s just say I’m not a fan of these meat items. It was too soft, with a weird texture and taste that I couldn’t get over. I know they’re probably trying to get away from beef jerky in all of these meat options, but they just end up being a bit of a disappointment each time. Oh well, onto the next one!

DSC_0011One of my favourites of this box was the Charge On protein bar, in salted caramel cashew flavour. It was a little chewy, but overall very flavourful. It also felt quite substantial, so I wouldn’t need to look for something else after. I was pretty impressed by the breakdown as well – 20g protein, 16g fiber, and only 5g sugar.

You can clearly see a few themes that run through this box. They look for staples like a meat-based item, a drink, something breakfasty, and some form of chip each time. That gives a little bit for everybody and focuses on some of the main times when people normally eat unhealthy foods.

Unfortunately, this is my last FitSnack box for a while – but if you want to get your own and try everything, then use the discount link below for $3 off!