April Podcast Roundup

There were so many good podcasts to check out this month! I’m definitely missing out on a bunch, but that’s why I’m planning a couple deep dives for May. Check out those, and all the shows I talk about below!


We have a new NPR politics show, but this time it’s a 10ish minute weekday morning addition called Up First. You’ll occasionally hear people from NPR Politics Podcast coming on to discuss a specific story, but what I really love is that you get a short insight into events of the evening or what will come that next day. They’re posted early every morning so you can listen on your way to work, and it’s been a great addition to my routine. My one complaint? I feel like the longer form Politics Podcast has posted fewer episodes since Up First’s release, and they’ve deferred to the 2-3 minute discussions instead of hosting their own 10-15 minute discussions on certain topics.

If you’re looking for a short series to sink your teeth into, Inside Psycho was a great addition this month on a classic Hitchcock film. If you couldn’t tell, I love movies -especially good horror and Psycho fits that bill like nothing else. In this six-part series, we get an inside look at a few major moments in the creation of one of the best horror movies. Ever wanted to know what the story was based on? How they got the shower scene past censors? How Hitchcock wagered his entire career to make this movie? It’s all in the podcast with Mark Ramsey as a stellar host. I might do a deep dive into this one later, so stay tuned.

Regularly Scheduled Podcasts

Alice Isn’t Dead is back! With the dramatic ending of last season (and finally meeting Alice) I wasn’t sure how this season would start – she was told not to pursue Alice so… what’s she doing now? Turns out she’s still driving her truck, getting into trouble, and pursuing women in the company – it’s just a different woman this time around.


I’ve been going through some of the older stories in my backlog and I recently checked out Secrets, Crimes & Audiotapes, and their Upper West Blues: A Black Cat Murder Mystery story. This was so fun, especially with the twist of narration – I never realised I wanted a cat as a narrator so much before. In the end, the solution of murderer seemed pretty obvious but there was a good payoff.

Honourable Mentions

Something small that I want to talk about briefly – Feed the Pig. It was one of my favourite stories I’ve heard the No Sleep Podcast. It stuck around in my head for ages afterwards and I kept wanting to return to that world. Earlier this month I found a short episode called Feed the Pig 2 in my feed, and boy was I excited. It wasn’t as good as part one, but instead took a different twist which was a lot of fun.


So what shows are you listening to and loving lately? I’d love to hear all your thoughts, so chat with me on twitter @ReviewsByLauren.