FabFitFun Summer Spoilers + coupon code!

FabFitFun has been upping their game lately. In the Spring Box, they added a choice option so everyone getting a box had a choice between earrings and a bracelet. You found out the brand for each product but that was it – no pictures, no specifics – and that was incredibly fun.

For the Summer Box, FFF has added another new choice called Boost. So let’s talk about what we know…

FabFitFun ChoiceSo first up, we have our choice pick between traveller, chef, and artist. I love that they’re giving people the option between different types of items – so of course, I had to choose all three. I’d love to see more kitchen-style items in the box, so hopefully the chef option is a big seller.

FabFitFun BoostNow, we have the new Boost pick as well. A lot of people have been complaining there isn’t enough fit in the FabFitFun boxes, but there’s a lot of other people who have signed up primarily for the full-size beauty picks. I think this is a great way to satisfy both sides. Of course, you can choose both of these as well.

FabFitFun spoiler 1 RuanaSo the first spoiler is a ruana. Don’t worry, I don’t really know what that is either (just like the roundie, which I now love). It seems to be part-scarf and part-beach coverup. They all look super cute, and I’m excited to bring all my FFF beach goodies with me on some summer trips this year.

FabFitFun spoiler 2 NecklaceThe second spoiler is a simple little necklace, in one of three colours. They all look really pretty, but I don’t know if it will fit everyone’s style. It seems like a really young-looking option, but maybe that’s just how you wear it.

FabFitFun spoiler 3 Bottle

Spoiler number three is a glass water bottle, which I guess fits into the fitness section as well. They look super cute, and I’m excited to bring it along on my hikes this year.

Want to get the box? Sign up here, and use code FLOWERS10 to get the new box.

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