New Canadian Bachelor released and he’s another pro athlete – what you need to know about Chris Leroux

Bachelor Canada has announced their next Bachelor will be Chris Leroux, and he’s not from Jasmine’s Bachelorette Canada season. Instead, he’s another pro athlete (remember Brad Smith?) – but what do you need to know about Chris? 

Last year, W Network brought the Bachelorette series to Canada with Jasmine Lorimer. She was perky, upbeat, honest, and one of my favourite Bachelorettes – American or otherwise. She had a few beloved men on her season (Mikhel, anyone?) but they won’t be returning for this new season of Bachelor Canada. I know the benefits to choosing someone from a previous season – audiences know them better and are more likely to tune in – but it’s refreshing to see new faces brought into the mix.

But what do we know about Chris so far? He’s a 33-year-old former professional baseball player, who played for the New York Yankees, Florida Marlins and Pittsburgh Pirates, as well as winning gold in the Pan-Am games in 2015.He is described as kind, loyal, and most importantly – laid-back.

He is described as kind, loyal, and most importantly – laid-back. That means he likely won’t be interested in house-drama, and I can’t imagine he’ll put up with too much of the “right reasons” gossip. He’s also said he’s really bad at breaking up, so I guess we won’t be seeing another Axe-Man like Ben Higgins.

What is he looking for, you ask? Someone looking for something serious and ready to settle down, funny, and intelligent. As a Montreal-native, now living in Mississauga, I’m sure we’ll get a few location changes and hometown city dates throughout the season.


Production is beginning this spring, and the new season of Bachelor Canada with Chris Leroux will be out this fall on W Network. What do you think about Chris? Are you excited for this good-good blonde boy, or would you have preferred one of Jasmine’s men, like Mike or Mikhel?

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