Rachel sifts through the garbage fire that is Lee on The Bachelorette

Last week, Eric got a little worked up and the producers exacerbated that to make him seem a little out of control. Lee took this to be his racist time to shine and started trying to antagonise pretty much all the men. This week Eric is all but forgotten, and all the drama is placed on Lee’s head. So what does he do? Let’s talk about that.

So Lee continues to antagonise the men, honing in on some Kenny drama this time around. Did he actively choose the pro-wrestler, assuming that would be the easiest person to turn into the ‘aggressive black man’ stereotype? Because it just makes him look like a douche. We’ll get a lot more of this drama on the group date, but at this point, Kenny has tried to have a calm conversation but he got drawn into yelling a little bit. Rachel isn’t happy about that, but she really doesn’t know what’s actually going on there.

But then we’re back to some of the cuter men. Rachel can’t handle how adorable Bryan is because he’s laying on the charm so.damn.thick which makes me a little nervous and Peter shows up for a couple cute moments.

Rachel cries in an ITM about the pressures of being the first black bachelorette, which must be really hard with this stupid drama, then cuts the cocktail party short. Even though it’s felt like it was three weeks long. Roses: Alex (group), Anthony (1on1), Eric (group), Will, Dean, Jonathan, Peter, Adam, Bryan, Matt, Josiah, Jack, Iggy, Kenny, and Lee – because we need to ramp up the racism this season. That means Diggy and a few others are sent home, and I’m honestly so sad. Diggy seemed like such a great personality on this show.

The guys all head off to …a golf course? and do more of their ‘Rachel’ shouting in the new hotel. She picks Dean up for the first one on one of the week and I’m very happy. They drive in a Jeep and have a little picnic in the Middle of Nowhere, South Carolina before hopping on a blimp, which they call a bimp like Rachel did as a kid. It’s cute, especially when Dean’s freaked out about heights. Of course, he should have known that telling producers you’re scared of heights means you get a face-your-fears one on one. It just made me like him even more, as did everything this episode, so maybe that was the plan all along.

After piloting the blimp themselves (for a few minutes?) they sit in the back and chat about how safe they feel with each other already. Anyone else noticing how Rachel keeps going in for these kisses? Because I’m all about this. But is the youngest man in the house really ready for marriage? At “dinner” Dean opens up about his mother’s battle with breast cancer and untimely death when he was 15. It’s horribly sad, but I also completely related to how stoic he was trying to be. It’s such a real reaction that doesn’t seem to get shown too much – especially on a show like this, those devastating stories are used to show how emotional the guy can be most times. A horribly sad story, but his reaction to it definitely helped to allay Rachel’s fears. Plus, in his ITM he says he’s falling in love with Rachel?!? That is so.damn.early but I’m so ready for it.

Alex, Anthony, Peter, Bryan, Jonathan, Adam, Matt, Kenny, Lee, Iggy, Eric, Will, and Josiah end up on the group date while Jack makes it onto the one on one. Lee just has to remind everyone that a one on one can send you home, but that’s not important until next week. Everyone stands on the deck of a boat for a little while to compete for Rachel’s attention before heading off to a spelling bee. Anytime I try to give Josiah a chance, he immediately proves himself to be the cocky alpha that I can’t stand. You know what we need less of on this show? Exactly that. Peter takes a much more casual approach, instead focusing on Rachel and creating fun moments with her instead of showing everyone else up.In the evening, Peter brings her down to a beautiful little wine cellar for some sweet conversations

In the evening, Peter brings her down to a beautiful little wine cellar for some sweet conversations before they talk more about moving to each other’s hometowns. It’s cute cute cute. She also has some cute moments with Eric, but then we’re back to the drama.  Honestly, I don’t even want to talk about this Lee and Kenny stuff, but that’s what most of the episode is.

First, Iggy talks to Rachel about Josiah then immediately talks to Josiah about it afterwards (just like he did with Eric last week).  So they’re in a weird spot, but cut to Rachel talking with Lee – he’s a big.fat.liar. He talks up how aggressive and crazy Kenny is, which we know is a lie, and then she sits down with Kenny to get his thoughts. Kenny handles himself well. He’s calm, logical, explains himself, owns up to the shortcomings from that conversation and feeling ashamed at how he allowed Lee to bait him into it, but for some reason, Rachel doesn’t seem to completely hear it. Hopefully, on the previewed two-on-one she cuts Lee pretty quick because I can’t deal with any more of this shit.

So are you ready for two episodes next week? I’ll need a lot more wine to get through it, because that Kenny and Lee two on one is going to be a MESS. So tweet me @reviewsbylauren to help me prepare, or during the episodes to commiserate!

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