The Bachelorette: Rachel takes to Scandinavia and axes a lot of men

This week was a special two-night episode, and lucky for us it ends the dreaded to be continued’s we’ve been getting for a while. We went from the crazy drama of the Lee and Kenny debacle into some serious emotions developing. I’m so happy we’re finally into the good part of the show already!

So check out all my thoughts below, and be sure to let me know what you thought of her Axe-Woman skills a la Ben Higgins!

Monday’s episode finished up the previous week’s round of dates. We saw Dean’s one on one and most of the group date before we were hit with the TBC. Nothing came of the Lee and Kenny drama in the first few moments, but of course that would just come later.

Jack had his one on one next and it… wasn’t good. It was awkward, I honestly cannot remember what they did, and he continued to tilt his head uncontrollably. She sent him home that evening, without waiting for the rose ceremony. The axing begins…

Roses: Dean (1on1), Will (group), Peter, Dean,

Before Monday night was done, Bryan got a one on one and boy did it make me like him a lot more? So far I’ve been thinking he’s a lot like the Arie or Josh of previous seasons (Emily and Andy, respectively). Basically, there’s a lot of passion and attractiveness but not much substance. They make it really far, but they’re too over-confident for my liking and it never works out in the end. They aren’t the sweet guys of the show. But now, I’m starting to think he might be more of a Shawn B from Kaitlyn’s season (spoiler, he won and they’re still together 2 years later). He seems to have a lot of the strong feelings and emotional conversations that would make him a frontrunner and potential winner on the show. Obviously, he got a rose on his date.

To round out Monday’s episode, there’s a group date with a bunch of men in tight spandex playing handball. I don’t really know what else to say about this one – it’s a little bit of fun but nothing overwhelming exciting happened? I continued to obsess over Peter and Dean, and that’s about it.

The two on one opened up Tuesday’s episode so we could really delve into exactly what I don’t want on this show. I’m so over two on one’s by now – it’s the same thing every time. Two people are pushed into the villain and hero or victim roles, or some combination of that, and are forced to duke it out on this date until Rachel chops one. But the person who makes it out is never unscathed. Relationships don’t develop too well with the “winner” of those dates.

So this time around, Kenny and Lee continue with the exact same dribble before she decides to trust Kenny. Strike two goes the axe. He has to go back and taunt Lee a little bit before they head out, but then in the evening, they have a little chat about relationships. It’s dull, and by the next “week” and the group date, it all goes a little south.

We’ve also suddenly dropped the cocktail party charade – but I guess we are down to nine guys at this point. It means we’re actually getting serious in this show again, and it’s such a relief. Roses: Bryan (1on1), Will (group), Kenny (2on1), Dean, Eric, Peter, Alex, Adam, and Matt. That means Anthony and Josiah are gone – one nice guy, and the super cocky lawyer.

After all the racial issues of Lee, Eric gets the first one on one. They’re super smiley and happy, dancing around and exploring the city together. Honestly, all he seems to do is dance – and just throw in the serious questions about kids. Denmark looks like a fun place with outdoor hot tubs (day date) and an awesome amusement park (night date). Eric is really touchy feely with her, which seems to be what she wants in a relationship, but I think we still need to worry about the commitment issues he brought up.

Just like I said, the two on one strikes again and Kenny’s not in the right headspace for this anymore. On the group date with Dean, Kenny, Bryan, Alex, Matt, Peter, and Adam for some Viking fighting, he brings the physicality but can’t seem to rekindle the relationship he and Rachel had been developing.  Oh, and you know Kenny’s eye injury they’ve been previewing all season like Lee punched him? Nope, it’s just from the silly Viking fighting they were doing – of course.

That night, Rachel is nervous Bryan’s parents won’t accept her which seems like she’s thinking a lot more long-term with him then with some of the other guys. We also get a bunch of super cute mumbled conversations, asking for Peter to kiss her and other cute things. How am I loving Rachel more and more each episode? It’s killing me. Add to that her respect of Kenny as a father, to send him when she knows they’re not connecting, and she’s doing a great job as the Bachelorette. Strike three of the week.

But where would we be without a strike four? Will seemed to be doing pretty well this season, getting some cute one on one time with Rachel most episodes but it seems like he dropped the ball on the passion. They head off to Sweden on their one on one and it just looks awkward. He can barely hold her hand or be near her in every shot, so he’s sent packing before the night is over as well.

Roses: Eric (1on1), Peter (group), Bryan, Matt, Dean, and Adam. Which means my lovely Slavic-boy Alex is going home. It’s a real bummer, but he handled it well. You can tell we’re really into the emotional part of the season, now that the

Next week, something rocks Rachel’s world and Peter blames himself for it. She might not be able to believe in love again, and Dean thinks she’s cutting herself off emotionally. What. The. Heck. Is. Happening?

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