Vancouver TheatreSports celebrate Canada with a nostalgic, hilarious improv show

It’s safe to say I really love the Vancouver TheatreSports League, but I never thought I would connect so closely to a show about Canada.

Despite all the pageantry for Canada 150 this year, we’re still a country that can laugh at ourselves. What better way to do that, then with a show of one liners, audience participation, and some good ole self-deprecating humour?

The night started out with host/scout leader Brad Rossington taking the rustic stage in a canoe and walking us through the evening. One of my favourite moments of the evening was a scene done three ways – where the improvisors needed to do the same scene in three different cities. That scene turned out to be fishing, in Vancouver, Halifax,… and Moose Jaw.

It felt cohesive, with Nickleback-national anthem jokes and Canadian references throughout, and quickly became one of my favourite nights out at Vancouver TheatreSports.

With quick-witted improvisers and lots of Canadian gags, the VTSL crew put on a fantastic night with Canada-themed cocktails and a sold out show. Oh, Canada – The True North Strong and Funny plays through September 16, so get your tickets while you can.

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