For the first time in Vancouver: New Zealand’s premier circus troupe arrives with Goblin Market

This October, New Zealand circus troupe, The Dust Palace, is taking over the York Theatre with the sumptuous circus production, The Goblin Market. Christina Rossetti’s poem of dangerous and delicious temptation comes to life with daring circus acts. Masterfully blending feats of spectacle with candid and gritty storytelling, performers Eve Gordon, Rochelle Mangan, and Edward Clendon transport audiences with this captivating story of two sisters; their temptation, sacrifice and eventual salvation. Including nudity and sexual scenes, this adults only circus production plates up a tantalizing evening of entertainment.  Eat fruit. Love lust.

Christina Rossetti’s poem ‘Goblin Market’ is a vibrant feminist work with themes of female power, sexuality, sisterly love and sorority. The poem is used as a springboard for this powerful and sensual performance from elite circus company The Dust Palace. Known for mind blowing, genre bending entertainment, they are New Zealand’s premier physical theatre troupe, and have created and toured dozens of full length works. Goblin Market is a sensory feast for the eyes; physical theatre and acrobatics in a tantalizing story of lust and temptation.

The show runs from October 3 through 14, and you can find tickets at

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