Listen, Move, and Be Moved at Carmen Aguirre’s Broken Tailbone at The Cultch

The Cultch is thrilled to present Broken Tailbone, the latest work from celebrated writer and performer Carmen Aguirre, Feb 13-24 in the Historic Theatre.

Join Carmen Aguirre as she brings the world of Canada’s Latin dance halls to life in the Historic Theatre. While DJ Don Pedro mixes an incredible array of sexy, hip-swaying music — creating an irresistible environment that will get even the most reluctant dancers up on their feet— Carmen interweaves stories of her experience with the hidden world of Latin dance halls while leading a live and interactive dance lesson. Daring, sexy, and, above all, fun; Carmen’s performance flows from her remarkable stories of intimacy, politics, culture, and the forgotten origins of the salsa.

Carmen Aguirre is a world renowned author, actor, and playwright. She has won awards for her performance and her writing. Her plays have been nominated for local and national awards, and The Refugee Hotel, partially inspired by her own experiences as a political refugee, won the 2002 Jessie Richardson New Play Centre Award.  Get your tickets here.

Carmen has written and co-written twenty-five plays, including Chile Con Carne, The Trigger, The Refugee Hotel, and Blue Box. She is currently writing a new play entitled Anywhere But Here and is the author of two bestselling memoirs: Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter and Mexican Hooker #1 and My Other Roles Since the Revolution. Carmen is the recipient of the Hispanic Business Alliance’s 2014 Ten Most Influential Hispanics in Canada  Award, Latincouver’s 2014 Most Inspirational Latin Award,  the 2014 Betty Mitchell Outstanding Actor Award for her work in Alberta Theatre Projects’ The Motherfucker with The Hat, the 2012 Langara College Outstanding Alumna Award, the 2011 Union of B.C. Performers’ Lorena Gale Woman of Distinction Award, and the 2002 New Play Centre Award for Best New Play, for The Refugee Hotel. Carmen is a graduate of Studio 58.  She has over eighty film, tv, and stage acting credits.

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