Enjoy an Evening of Clowning at Award-Winning show Pss Pss, at the Cultch

The Cultch is thrilled to present Compagnia Baccalà’s award-winning clown show Pss Pss, playing at the York Theatre from February 20- March 4.

Inspired by the physical comedy of clowning innovators Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, Compagnia Baccalà founders and performers, Simone Fassari and Camilla Pessi created Pss Pss, a show which has enchanted audiences all over the world since its debut. When Cultch Executive Director, Heather Redfern saw Pss Pss she was immediately in love and knew she had to bring it to Vancouver. “It’s a show for everybody who needs a hug,” Redfern says. “And who doesn’t need a hug? Right!?”

The winner of 10 prestigious international prizes including the Swiss Theatre Award (2016) and the Cirque du Soleil Prize (2009), Pss Pss has been performed over 600 times — in over 50 countries, and on all 5 continents — to huge acclaim.

Two modern-day clowns take to the stage, playing out their unique and hilarious pas de deux through the universal language of gesture and look. Their endearing squabbles, madcap antics, and inevitable reconciliation is classic clowning at its best. With absolute precision, Fassari and Pessi manoeuvre through their performance with expert slapstick timing and incredible acrobatics. Without a single word being spoken, they sweep us up in a timeless performance with all the seriousness, innocence…and mischief of the human condition.

The show runs from February 20 – March 4 at the York Theatre, get your tickets here!