Best Original Score — 2018 Oscar Picks

This year’s nominees come from all over here. We have sci fi, action, romance, and indie drama. What’s not different is the composers for each movie—we still have many of the usual suspects, including John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Alexandre Desplat.

The main frontrunner this year is The Shape of Water. Desplat created a melodic score that fluctuated like the waves of an ocean and beautifully captured the love story in all its glory. Hans Zimmer’s Dunkirk is one of my favourites of the year as he continues to innovate and produce stunningly lifelike, imaginative scores that really ground the films he works on. Dunkirk was inspired on Christopher Nolan’s pocket watch, and it creates the perfect anxious backdrop for this stunning, intense film.

Phantom Thread‘s Johnny Greenwood finally has his first nomination after being deemed ineligible from There Will Be BloodJohn Williams is an incredible composer and has done wonderful things in the Star Wars universe. He is the most well-known composer after an expansive career spanning over six decades but I find it hard to say he would win his sixth statute for another Star Wars film, despite how deserving he might. However, since his last win was in 1993 (Schindler’s List), I also wouldn’t be surprised.

I also don’t know what to say about Carter Burwell’s score for Three Billboards. It’s not that I dislike it, but it wasn’t something I would have picked. It felt so overpowering in a way, really trying to direct the audience’s emotions

  1. The Shape of Water, Alexandre Desplat (1 win, 9 nominations)
  2. Dunkirk, Hans Zimmer (1 win, 11 nominations)
  3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi, John Williams (5 wins, 55 nominations!!)
  4. Phantom Thread, Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead (1st nomination, but 18 Grammy nominations)
  5. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Carter Burwell (2nd nomination)

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