Best Original Song — 2018 Oscar Picks

Musicals usually have a lot of sway in this category, and this year is no different. Coco was largely defined by its connection to music and Día de los Muertos. With the same writers as Frozen‘s ‘Let it Go’ team, it’s a clear frontrunner. The Greatest Showman also pulled in some great writing talent, getting La La Land‘s lyricists for their inspiring, movie-defining song. They’ll likely be a close second.

The other three nominees all feature established musicians, another popular route for the Academy. Call Me By Your Name called on Sufjan Stevens to write and perform, Mary J Blige did the same for her movie Mudbound, where she also received a Supporting Actress nomination, and previous Oscar-winner Common (Original Song, Selma) performs with Andra Day on Diane Warren’s song for Marshall.

Haven’t heard one of the songs? Click the links below for each single.

  1. Remember Me‘ — Coco
  2. This Is Me‘ — Greatest Showman
  3. Mystery of Love‘ — Call Me By Your Name
  4. Stand Up for Something‘ — Marshall
  5. Mighty River‘ — Mudbound

Which song do you think will win? Do you have a different favourite from your prediction? We’d love to hear about it!