Best Animated Short Film

Earlier today, I went through the live action shorts. Let’s now check out the bright, beautiful, and entertaining animated shorts.

Pixar’s short of the year, Lou about schoolyard bullying, comes from Cars 3. In classic Pixar fashion it is touching, sweet, and unafraid of adding in a little emotion. Dear Basketball is from Disney-legend Glen Keane, known for his hand-drawn masterpieces, centred on a Lakers retirement poem.

Stop-motion has its time to shine in the French Negative Space, a beautiful story of a bond between father and son. Roald Dahl’s stories come to life in Revolting Rhymes, a British-German joint venture. Garden Party is the second France-based entry, following some colourful amphibians through a crime scene.

  1. Lou
  2. Dear Basketball
  3. Revolting Rhymes
  4. Garden Party
  5. Negative Space