Best Documentary Short

The final shorts category at the Oscars is documentary short. To be eligible for nomination, these films had to win at one of the qualifying film festivals.

Netflix’s Syria documentary White Helmets won last year and once again they have a frontrunner nomination in Heroin(e). This one focuses on the opioid epidemic in a West Virginia town, and three women working to help their city.

Edith + Eddie follows an interracial couple struggling to stay together amidst a family feud. A woman struggles to overcome a traffic stop–turned–dramatic arrest in Traffic StopHeaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405 turns to a woman who channels her depression and anxiety into her artistry. Knife Skills looks to men and women recently out of prison, many who have never cooked or served before, and a project to create a world-class French restaurant.

  1. Heroin(e)
  2. Edith + Eddie
  3. Traffic Stop
  4. Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405
  5. Knife Skills

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