Best Live Action Short Film — 2018 Oscar Picks

The short film categories are often a tough one to predict, since most people have a limited chance of getting to see any of them. Below, I’ve broken down each of the nominees with trailers and provided a rundown of the frontrunners.

The Silent Child centres around a deaf child, Libby, born to a hearing family. Just as she’s about to enter school, her parents finally realize she needs extra help. That’s where social worker Joanne comes in, to teach Libby sign language and help her develop despite the many roadblocks.

The other frontrunner, DeKalb Elementary, takes a look at school shootings in this tense, powerful, and deeply moving short about a friendly school and a gruff stranger. With school shootings in everyone’s minds at the moment, this might push out Silent Child for the statuette.

The Eleven O’Clock is the only comedy this year, coming from Australia and packing a punch in a short time. Who is the patient, and who is the psychiatrist? This silly short places one man as a psychiatrist and has the other believing he is a psychiatrist, but which is which? With quick-fire dialogue and a great ending, this certainly holds its own among the nominees.

Based on a true story, Watu Wote/All of Us is a joint German and Kenyan venture about terrorism and the coming together of people with different backgrounds. My Nephew Emmett is another true story narrative, focusing on the hours before the lynching of Emmett Till in 1955 Mississippi.

  1. The Silent Child, UK, 20 minutes
  2. DeKalb Elementary, US, 21 minutes
  3. The Eleven O’Clock, Australia, 13 minutes
  4. Watu Wote/All of Us, Germany/Kenya, 22 minutes
  5. My Nephew Emmett, US, 20 minutes

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