Best Picture — 2018 Oscar Picks

I’ve been going back and forth on this category for a while now. Should I just pick my favourite movie, even though I don’t think it will actually end up the winner? Should I look at the stats and base it on other categories? This is one category that doesn’t seem completely decided just yet.

The movies we’ve been hearing the most about lately is The Shape of Water and Three Billboards, with a little talk thrown around about Get Out as well. It’s incredibly rare for a movie to win best picture without getting a nomination in the director category though, so Three Billboards has an uphill battle there. Another key decider in the past has usually been film editing, though this year only three films were nominated in both (Shape of Water, Three Billboards, and Dunkirk) with Dunkirk being the most likely winner in that category.

So that doesn’t leave us with much help, unfortunately. The backlash and drama over Three Billboards has gone in waves as well, so it’s hard to fully assess how voters will have treated the revenge drama. Our overall pick is The Shape of Water for it’s overwhelmingly positive reception.

  1. The Shape of Water
  2. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
  3. Get Out
  4. Lady Bird
  5. Dunkirk
  6. Call Me By Your Name
  7. Darkest Hour
  8. Phantom Thread
  9. The Post

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