The Cultch presents Nicolas Billon’s thriller, Butcher

The Cultch is excited to present Nicolas Billon’s Butcher, a Prime Cuts Collective (Vancouver) production running March 20-31 in the Historic Theatre.

Early Christmas morning, on the doorsteps of a Toronto police station, Inspector Lamb discovers an unlikely bundle; a drugged and abandoned old man in a strange military uniform. Atop his head a Santa hat, and around his neck a business card impaled on a butchers hook with the words, “Arrest me,” scrawled on it. Inspector Lamb begins an investigation into the identity of the stranger that will forever tie together the lives of four people: a lawyer, a translator, the stranger and the inspector.

Drawing on dark politics half a world away, Butcher’s Governor General award winning playwright Nicolas Billion (Fault Lines: Greenland — Iceland — Faroe Islands) drew inspiration from chilling accounts of the civil conflicts in both Rwanda and Bosnia, creating a play with themes of revenge, forgiveness, and justice. Louise Arbour, former Supreme Court justice and former chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda and Yugoslavia says in her foreward to Butcher, “Harm, hurt, guilt, punishment, shame, pardon, redemption and justice are all intertwined in a reality where the lines between offender and victims are often blurred….Where can victims find peace if justice is elusive?”

Prime Cuts Collective was established by a group of established artists, designers and technicians based in Vancouver with the intent purpose of putting on Butcher. Director, Kevin Mckendrick says, “It is a terrific Canadian play that raises important issues for our global community. How do we reconcile our feelings for retribution in the face of terrible atrocities? And what is the role of forgiveness in breaking the cycle of vengeance?”   Starring Peter Anderson, Lindsey Angell, Noel Johansen, and Daryl Shuttleworth, Butcher’s all-star cast will have audience on the edge of their seats for this show that the Torontoist called, “one of the most artfully constructed plays we’ve seen in a long time.”

Butcher is at The Cultch from March 20-31. Tickets start at $22 and you can find them here: 604-251-1363 or