The Explanation, an exciting world premiere from James Fagan Tait, takes over the Vancity Culture Lab this April

The Cultch and the frank theatre company are thrilled to present the world premiere of James Fagan Tait’s The Explanation) playing at the Vancity Culture Lab, April 17-29, 2018.

In James Fagan Tait’s latest chamber play, ideas of gender and sexuality are questioned, as two characters, John and Dick, develop a friendship that might have other people raising some eyebrows.  After all, when two straight men start spending every weekend together…and when one of them likes to wear women’s clothing, people start to expect an explanation.

James Fagan Tait is a queer Canadian playwright, director, and Jessie award-winning actor. “As a queer man, gender and sexual identity have always been a primary internal preoccupation,” says Tait, who had never written a queer play until former frank theatre artistic director, Chris Gatchalian, approached him. “I’d had ideas through the years but never got them to paper. I didn’t feel like a good enough queer. A few weeks later, The Explanation came to me suddenly.”  Starring Evan Frayne and Kevin McDonald, and including elements of dance and movement choreographed by Noam Gagnon, The Explanation explores the tension between the ways we define ourselves and the ways the world defines us. It is a playful exploration of the constructs we adapt to, and of the fluidity of gender and sexual identity.

Single tickets on sale now through The Cultch’s Box Office: 604-251-1363 or

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