Enjoy some killer comedy at Murder on the Improv Express

Murder on the Improv Express takes inspiration from Agatha Christie’s classic 1934 novel—and the recent film adaptation from Kenneth Branagh. A group of wealthy and strange individuals are stuck on a train together (here, going from coast-to-Canadian-coast) when Detective Hercule Poirot’s vacation is ended as someone is suddenly murdered.

Allen Morrison (pictured) as Poirot is fantastic. Whether intentional or accidental, he called himself Henri instead of Hercule but that added to his quirky, enigmatic character. His French accent has just the right amount of absurdity, his hair is perfectly coiffed, and the moustache makes the look. We couldn’t have a better improviser for the role.

In the first half, we have lots of fun meeting the cast of outlandish characters and one lucky (or unlucky?) audience member partakes in a scene before mysteriously being murdered. Which of the VTSL crew did it? We had a movie star with an obnoxious catchphrase, two burlesque dancers, an orphan who can’t close his mouth, a gummy-bear salesman from America, and a Communist minister of cats. We really get to dig into some of these characters, getting to know their secrets and oddities until we discover the true killer.

Check out this show before it leaves the Improv Centre, May 25. Tickets are available here.

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