Meet the men vying for Becca’s heart on The Bachelorette: who looks good and who’s that chicken?

Let’s be honest: Arie’s season of The Bachelor was a dumpster fire. The kissing bandit lived up to his name on his season, but also managed to royally screw up the pivotal engagement moment by picking Becca and then choosing Lauren. Not only did he pull a Mesnick, but he did one better (well, worse). He made sure the whole awful breakup was filmed in Becca’s house, and he followed her around her house afterwards to really make it uncomfortable.

The good news? Becca got the Bachelorette gig out of the heartbreak and now she’s on to her own journey to do the damn thing and find the man of her dreams, starting May 28. ABC recently announced all the men vying for her heart, and I’ve cut through their nonsense for the big takeaways. Check it out below, to find out what’s interesting about each of these men (and check out their socials, linked below, for a bit more depth).

Just like in Rachel’s season, Chris Harrison surprised Becca with five of her men on the After the Final Rose. We met Lincoln (the man with an accent that caught everyone’s attention), Chase, Darius, Ryan (with an original banjo song), and the man with the horse, Blake. I’ll get into them with more detail below, but of all those men I’m most interested in Lincoln, by far.


Our girl Becca really likes those athletic boys and the models, so hopefully she can pick one that’s not a total jackass jock.

Now that you know the men, check out our Bachelorette Fantasy League competition. We’ve completely revamped our game from previous seasons and it’s better than ever! We’ve also created an Ultimate Girl’s Night Guide so you can host the best Bachelorette-Watching experience—don’t forget the rosé!

We’ll be live tweeting the premiere on May 28 at 8pm on the west coast—check out our twitter! Check out Becca’s instagram and twitter as well.

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