The Bachelorette Fantasy League — 2018 Becca Edition

You’ve met the men vying for The Bachelorette Becca’s heart, now it’s time to do the damn thing and set up a fantasy league between you and your friends for a little healthy competition.

First up, the Draft.

Once you know who’s going to be playing in your league (and hopefully watching the show with you each week!), create an order for each person by using a random list generator. This will determine the order that people get to pick the men for their fantasy teams.

Each man can only be picked by one player in the draft, so it’s probably helpful to know a little bit about the men and have a list of your top picks before the draft starts.

You get to pick how many men should be in each ‘roster’, but I recommend 3-4 picks per player. If you have more or less than 4 people in your league, try to keep the number of total men picked to around 15. (3 players X 5 rounds = 15 men; 4 players X 4 rounds = 16 men; 5 players X 3 rounds = 15 men; etc.)

This is a snake draft, so it is a back-and-forth, round-by-round order. This means that in the first round, players make their first picks in order (A, B, C, D). In the second round, people make their picks in reverse order (D now goes first, then C, B, A). This will continue in another two rounds as order (ABCD) then reverse order (DCBA) to make the four picks per player.

And now, for the Points

One Time Bonus (once per season)

+10 Points

>First rose ceremony rose (in addition to normal rose points)
>First solo time (limos not included)
>First contestant to steal Becca away
>First 1-on-1 hot tub with Becca
>First live musician on a 1-on-1
>First contestant to say “I can see myself falling in love with you”
>First horseback riding date
>First person to say they love Becca (to camera)

+20 Points

>First kiss of season after limo intros end
>First person to mention their child to Becca
>First impression rose (in addition to normal rose points)
>First plane/helicopter ride
>First boat ride
>First hometown date
>First 1-on-1 date
>First fantasy suite to air
>First person to make Becca happy cry
>First person to say they love Becca (to Becca)
>First person to meet a member of Becca’s family
>First person to meet Becca’s friends

One Time Penalties (once per season)

-10 Points

>First person to mention Arie
>First person to make Becca sad cry

-20 Points

>First person to get sent home on a one on one date

Once per Episode, per Contestant

+5 Points

>Contestant is chosen for a date
>Contestant gets a rose
>Contestant receives rose during a date (in addition to normal rose points)
Contestant scared of the activity on the date

+10 Points

>Contestant brings a prop to their limo intro
>Contestant kisses Becca on lips at limo intro
>Contestant is on camera shirtless
>Naked in front of Becca (Fantasy Suite = naked, unless explicitly said otherwise)
>Has 1 on 1 conversation with Chris Harrison
>Contestant wins a group competition (can be individually or as part of group)
>Slow dance with Becca
>Date involves animals

+20 Points

>Solo date out of country
>Contestant wins solo time after a group date (2 on 1 or more)

Multiple Times per Episode, per Contestant

+5 Points

>Contestant says “This is a beautiful place to fall in love”
>Contestant says “I don’t want this to end”

+10 Points

>Contestant says someone is not here “for the right reasons”
>Contestant is seen popping a bottle of champagne

+15 Points

>Jumping into water holding hands
>Kiss outside in the rain or snow

+20 Points

>Contestant says “I’m not here to make friends”
>Contestant is seen eating (food must be seen entering mouth)

Penalty Points, Once per Episode, per Contestant

-10 Points

>Runs away in the middle of a rose ceremony
>Cries (tear must hit the cheek or hand/tissue wipe)
>Steals Becca from another contestant when he already has a rose

-15 Points

>Non-sanctioned violence (doesn’t count if planned part of date)
>Selected for a 2-on-1 date
>Contestant says: “I’m not ready for marriage” / “I’m not ready to get married”

-20 Points

>Requires an ambulance being called
>Contestant’s ex shows up
>Dumped/leaves outside of a rose ceremony

Men Sent Home

You get to decide how to handle the men who were sent home and lost from your fantasy league:

  1. Continue playing as normal, without replacing any lost men.
  2. After the first episode’s rose ceremony, hold an additional draft with the original order to make up for lost men. Continue as normal after the first episode.
  3. After each episode, re-draft to make up for lost men.

It’s up to your players to pick a route, but remember—you can’t get any of a man’s points from before you had drafted him.


I hope you enjoy playing our Bachelorette Fantasy League this year! For weekly updates on all the points, check out our Google spreadsheet with all the information (updated by Tuesday morning each week). So get cozy with our Ultimate Girls Night guide, and enjoy a summer of the Bachelorette with Becca!

15 thoughts on “The Bachelorette Fantasy League — 2018 Becca Edition

    1. Sorry! Something must have happened to the doc if it’s not posting, I’ll check into it today!

      1. Will week 5 be posted soon? Our draft group loves this point system and base our scores off your google doc 😊

      2. It should be up by tomorrow morning! We’ll be back to regular Monday-night updates by next week!

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