Unboxing: SinglesSwag May 2018 + Discount Code

It’s always a good day when I get a surprise package in the mail. Today, that package was the May edition of the monthly SinglesSwag box! Check out my review of all the items in the box and grab a discount code for 25% off your first purchase!

  1. Keracolour Purify Plus: I’ve been looking forward to this product for a while now, since first getting a spoiler, and I have to say I’m so happy with it! I don’t know how much of a visible change it has made, but my hair feels way softer and I can go more days without washing my hair if I spritz a bit of this before my dry shampoo.
  2. Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil: This sounds like a great item, but my skin reacts to rose sometimes so I’ve handed it off to a friend who absolutely loves it. There’s a faint rose smell she really likes and it’s made her skin incredibly smooth. I love that it’s a vegan item and not tested on animals.
  3. Arrowhead Necklace: I don’t know who would ever spend $68 on this necklace, but it certainly isn’t me. The necklaces they send are usually pretty cute, but I don’t think I’d ever pay very much for any of them. They always look a little cheap, but I do like the subtle look of them. The arrowhead shape is pretty cute, so it’ll go on my necklace stand and we’ll see if I throw it on at any point.
  4. Silicone Beauty Applicator: Honestly, I hate these. I know some people love this applicator, but I really don’t like the way it looks on my skin—or maybe I don’t know how to use it properly, who knows! Either way, I’ll definitely be putting this in the gifting pile for one of my friends who wants to try out the Instagram fad.
  5. Cookies: I remember getting these cookies in the key lime flavour once before and they are SO GOOD. You guys, they are the most buttery, perfect little rounds of delight. I’m so excited to have them again, in a chocolatey flavour. I could eat them all in one sitting!
  6. Socks: These are super soft and so adorable! I love the pattern, with flamingos and the phrase “I don’t give a flock”, it’s definitely a fun sock but with summer coming up I won’t have much chance to wear them for a few months.
  7. Stardrops: We get a highlighting product in pretty much every box, but I’m actually really excited about this one. I love that you can add a couple drops to your normal face cream or foundation to give a little bit of an added glow to an everyday look. That’s a lot more versatile and adds a great touch of glow in the summer without being too ‘made up’.

The items in the May box were valued at $204, so even though there’s a few items I don’t LOVE, it’s still a pretty good value. This box is $39.99, but with my discount code you can get 25% off your first order! So click this link and you’ll be directed to the SinglesSwag website.

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