VTSL Presents MIA – Mixed Improv Arts on Thursdays at 9:15pm at The Improv Centre

The first half of the show features the first Director working with a team of four players. They perform a 25-minute improv set within a framework created by that Director. Three audience judges then score the set. The second half of the show features the second Director putting the same team of players through a different scenario format, which will also be rated by the judges. Scores are totalled and the winner is announced.

Ballet BC announces 33rd season

In every aspect, we are strengthening our collaborative commitment to how we make and share our work. Reflecting on the change and growth over the last ten years, I feel great pride and gratitude. It is with curiosity and dedication that we strive to cultivate a presence and relevance for dance as a cultural leader in society as we continue our meaningful conversation with you.