VTSL Presents MIA – Mixed Improv Arts on Thursdays at 9:15pm at The Improv Centre

Are you ready to rumble? The gloves are coming off Thursday evenings at 9:15 as Vancouver TheatreSports™ (VTSL) turns The Improv Centre’s stage into a ‘cage’ for MIA – Mixed Improv Arts. Tickets start at $10.75 and are available online at www.vtsl.com. This show is rated NC 17 and is therefore not suitable for children under the age of 17. 

In this winner-takes-all contest, you won’t see a ‘Peruvian Necktie’ or an ‘Arm Bar’, but you will see opponents face off in a fierce competition of wits over who can win the most laughs. In MIA, two Improv Directors go head-to-head as they put a team of improvisers through a set of grueling and hilarious improv formats.

The first half of the show features the first Director working with a team of four players. They perform a 25-minute improv set within a framework created by that Director. Three audience judges then score the set. The second half of the show features the second Director putting the same team of players through a different scenario format, which will also be rated by the judges. Scores are totalled and the winner is announced.

Throughout, as in all VTSL improv, the audience is called upon to assist the action with their suggestions and shouted encouragement. No one knows what will happen next in these edge-of-your-seat matches.

“I love the excitement and audience engagement in MMA bouts,” says Executive and Artistic Director Jay Ono. “We’re looking to re-create that gritty, totally committed vibe.

As in MMA matches, MIA – Mixed Improv Arts promises a no-holds-barred battle to the finish. Will there be blood? Maybe not, but there may be some badly bruised egos.

For more information on Vancouver TheatreSports™, visit their website!