Sunday Reading: Helium by Rudy Francisco

I’ve picked up a few poetry books recently, but this is the first one I really sunk into. Rudy Francisco is a great spoken word poet winning multiple poetry slams, as well as an author of four books of poetry. I actually bought his newest book Helium after listening to a performance of one of the poems from this book. It was so powerful, so moving, I immediately had to get my hands on this book and read more of his work.

If you can’t tell, I kind of liked Francisco’s work. I read things that hit so close they stunned me. Literally took the breath out of my lungs and stopped me in my tracks.

A book of poetry is very quick to read through. In fact, it’s not something I’d usually recommend reading all at once after the first time. It’s more of a book I love to pick up, open to a random entry, and read what shows up… It’s sort of like a diary in that way, though it’s someone else’s innermost feelings come to life.

HeliumA good poet will express themselves so well that it feels like the reader’s diary too, and that’s exactly what Helium is. What I loved most was how Francisco developed themes throughout the whole book that he interwove into each of his smaller pieces that have been performed and appreciated separately.


Check out Rudy performing Complainers, When People Ask How I’m Doing, and My Honest Poem at the links! Once you’ve heard those, order his book for your collection here or buy it at Chapters.

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