Bard on the Beach opens their Howard Family Stage with female-centred Timon of Athens

Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival continues its 29th Season in Vanier Park with the opening of Timon of Athens on the Howard Family Stage. A provocative study of loyalty, greed and modern values, Timon of Athens is directed by Meg Roe. Roe last directed at Bard in 2014, helming an exhilarating production of The Tempest; she also directed Will Eno’s Middletown for the Shaw Festival’s 2017 season.

Colleen Wheeler portrays Timon, a privileged woman and a member of the one per cent, in a modern-day city very much like Vancouver. Her generosity has no limits, but when she loses her entire fortune, will her community stand by her?

We live in a time where all our bills are pending – spiritually, economically, environmentally, and societally – and the bills are piling up. Timon of Athens makes us consider who we might want to be when those bills come due. We are certainly in a time of interrogation, of reflection, of examination of our part in society and how it works, how it works on us. I think of Timon as a parable, but it’s up to you to fill in the moral at the end. — Roe

Roe also enthuses about the strength of the cast, a mix of Bard veterans and talented newcomers to the Festival, led by award-winning theatre actor Colleen Wheeler. The Timon of Athens cast includes Patti Allan, Kate Besworth, Michelle Fisk, Marci T. House, Ming Hudson, Jennifer Lines, Moya O’Connell, Adele Noronha, Quelemia Sparrow, Sebastien Archibald and Joel D. Montgrand.

Timon of Athens’ production team includes Drew Facey (Set Designer), Mara Gottler (Costume Designer), Alessandro Juliani (Sound Designer and Composer), John Webber (Lighting Designer), Josh Reynolds (Fight Director), Cherissa Richards (Apprentice Director), Amanda Testini (Choreographer) and Alison Matthews (Head Voice & Text Coach). They are supported by Joanne P.B. Smith (Stage Manager), Jennifer Stewart (Assistant Stage Manager) and Zoe Bellis (Apprentice Stage Manager).

For more information and tickets, check here!

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