Frank + Oak Style Plan – June Box 2018

Frank and Oak is a Montreal-based clothing company with all clothing designed in their Mile End headquarters. They started in 2012 with the goal of helping men dress better in affordable clothing; now, they have a women’s line as well, and a subscription style plan.

This box is a little different than most of the ones we review, but I’m enjoying it so far. After taking a style test including what colours you dislike and your preferable pants-leg style, F+O stylists curate a box with some items they think you’ll like. You get a day to go through the selections and swap out any of the items you really don’t like (or add a few extras in if you’re really keen) and then the items are charged to your card and it’s sent off to you. Check out what I got in my first box below!

Overall, I really liked the items in the box but I felt like the sizings were a little difficult. I selected “creative” as opposed to classic or casual, but you get a bit of variety to mix and match once they’ve curated your selections. It’ll take another round for me to really figure out how I fit into everything best, but let’s jump into these items.

Crepe Button Down Dress in True Black: This dress is super comfortable and flowy, but it comes with a black belt that lets you define your waist still. I normally wear pretty form-fitting clothes, so this was right up my alley. It’s a thicker material than I expected when I first saw it, and it’s lined, so it’s not great for really hot days in summer but is nice on a breezier evening. I’m finicky when it comes to sizing because I’ve got a larger chest, so I sized up in a lot of the items because of the measurements they put on their site. Although I probably wouldn’t have wanted anything much smaller, this was a little too roomy in the chest which surprised me.

Front Pleated Linen Blend Short in Navy Blazer: These shorts are one of the most comfortable things I’ve worn in a while. They’re slightly looser than I would normally wear, but not crazy—still very wearable. So far, these two items didn’t seem very ‘creative’ but I’m not complaining, they’re super cute!

Vichy Knotted Dress in True Black: I absolutely loved the checkered pattern to this dress and it fit pretty much perfectly. Again there’s the defined waist which I liked, and it’s a shorter dress which felt perfect for summer.

Floral Printed Slip Dress in Yellow: This is exactly the type of pattern I was expecting since I selected creative, and I absolutely loved that… but it’s a slip dress and that is definitely not my style—with the sizing, this just went horribly wrong. Slip dresses usually don’t look great on me because it feels way too baggy around my waist, but this was too big and ended up feeling like I was wearing a paper bag. Basically, I don’t believe their measurement charts too much anymore.

I ended up sending back the yellow dress because it was way too big, but I kept everything else and I’ve been really happy with them on their first wears so far. Turns out their returns process is incredibly easy as well—just bring it to any of their stores or send it back in the box it came in with their return label, and you’re all set! If you return all items they do charge a $25 styling fee, but I can’t imagine I’d ever do that since I get to vet the items before they get sent out, so it’s not a surprise. This brand also seems like they make everything with great quality fabric, so I’m happy to keep supporting this Canadian company and continuing on this style plan journey.


I’m going to continue with this box for at least a few more months. If sizing is still a problem at that point then I may not continue… but I expect I’ll figure it out pretty quickly! If you want to try out the Frank and Oak box yourself, head over here!

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