The Bachelorette ep 7 review: Becca picks her hometown dates

Last week, Becca narrowed her men down to her six favourites. Tonight, she has the difficult decision of cutting it down to her final four that get to take her back to their hometowns. We made it to the Bahamas this week, where neither Becca nor any of her men have ever been before—not surprising, despite Chris Harrison’s crazy reaction. So then Chris Harrison and Becca talk, the classic late portion of the show where he checks in to see if anybody is really catching those feels. And Becca is, apparently.

Oh, did anyone else notice Wills was dressing like Janice from Friends in his multi-animal print shirt and pants? YIKES.

Bachelorette-colton-abc-hb-180705_hpMain_12x5_992Colton the Virgin gets the first date of the week and apparently, the show has been hiding this reveal from us the entire time. All the guys know about it and are discussing it like they’ve known about it since the limos. Why did we have to shield Colton’s virginity talk all season, but it’s the prime focus whenever a girl is a virgin? Virginity followed Christen Whitney and Ashley Iaconetti around through every Bachelor Nation-related event and show iteration that they’ve been on, forever and always. Honestly, it’s weirder and more interesting for Colton to be a virgin than those girls.

But anyway… they had a date. There was a lot of sex jokes about conchs and pistols and aphrodisiacs from Becca while Colton awkwardly stood there… I’ve never realized how chaste his kisses were until this date, either. In the evening, Becca can’t stop making sex jokes and eye-fucking Colton until he tells her about his virginity, and suddenly she bails. Like, walks away from the table and hangs out on the rooftop for a while before coming down and giving him a rose. Back at the mansion, the guys are obsessing over the virginity issue until Blake starts having a break.down. Like… boys, calm down. Of course she’s keeping picture-perfect Colton for another week.

The next date goes to Garrett who’s all boyish and excited, while the rest of the guys crumble. They get sun, sand, and seaplane views before jumping into Garrett’s past marriage in the evening. Becca’s all concerned about his past and how quickly he might run away if he sees anything he doesn’t like in Becca, but that’s all solved when they have a sexy late-night dip in the ocean.

The Bachelorette 2018 - Blake and BeccaAfter panicking for the past few days, Blake finally gets his one on one to explore the island and partake in a beach party. Clearly getting the first one on one of the season hurts these guys, they get so caught up. So they start dancing…and it’s adorable but definitely not great to watch. Becca then takes it upon herself to ruin Blake’s sanity even more by talking to him about how much she feels for all of her men. But honestly, this date is so boring. He’s a little boring. Blake does tell her he’s in love with her though, and says one of the sweetest lines of the season “falling in love is fun, but staying in love is even more fun” cuuuuuuute.

I’ll be hardpressed to believe any relationship Becca has is better than Blake’s after she basically told us she’s in love with him too.

Wills, Jason, and Leo get the awkward three on one date for only one rose. It all happens pretty fast here, with all the guys getting their solo moments with her. Leo tells her he isn’t ready to get down on one knee because they’re must earlier in their relationship, and then engulfs her with his hair for a makeout sesh. He’s sent home first, staring out at the water and ready to take on Paradise.

bachelorette willsWills gets more time with her and says he’s falling in love with Becca. She suddenly realizes that’s not really where she is yet (but she’s already in love with Blake), so she sends him home in the evening as well. Wills actually got the first limo-crying exit of the season, and he’s a confirmed Paradise-attendee so I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Jason gets the rose, but his situation definitely looks a little precarious. He hasn’t opened up like the other guys have, but he clearly feels pretty good about Becca so far. In the end, he stays but it looks like she’s got a lot more questions for him down the line.

Roses: Colton (1on1), Garrett (1on1), Blake (1on1), and Jason (group).

Going Home: Leo and Wills—we’ll see you in paradise!

Next week, we’re off to the Bahamas, so get ready for boats, horses, and lots of beautiful paradise shots. Plus, if you’re following our Fantasy League pool then check out the updates here.

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