TUTS Cinderella is a magical summer show

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella has made its way back to the Theatre Under the Stars stage at the Stanley Park Malkin Bowl for a magical night of childhood wonder.

Cinderella is the story we all know and love from childhood fairytales and Disney movies. The wicked stepmother and stepsisters keep Cinderella enslaved with no chance of attending the royal ball, until her fairy godmother magically transforms her into her dream come true. Cinderella enchants the Prince, rushes home at the stroke of midnight, faces the wrath of her step-family, and finally ends up with the Prince. Here, we get a more developed story with issues related to poverty and rebellion which create a more full, engaging story for parents and children to love.

Despite the occasional missteps, this show was a lot of fun and highly enjoyable for all in attendance. Mallory James shone in her TUTS debut as Cinderella, capturing the essence of the joyful, innocent character while still giving Cinderella a feisty-ness that I didn’t expect. Tré Cotten as Prince Topher matched James’ exuberance as well, managing to create some good chemistry for the pair.

Cinderella runs through August 18, and you can find tickets here.

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