Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Drinking Game

Let’s face it, most people will be drinking while watching Bachelor in Paradise because this show is insane. So why not make a drinking game out of it, and have some fun!

Fair warning: you might end up drinking quite a bit, so just be cautious. Go have your shenanigans, but don’t blame us for the photo proof.

Take One Sip…

  • People seriously mispronounce words
  • Someone is shown eating
  • When Chris Harrison says “dramatic” or “shocking”
  • People talk about Paradise like it’s a real place
  • Date cards are handed out
  • Someone shows up in a costume or David’s chicken costume is mentioned

Take Two Sips…

  • If you don’t know who the contestant is when they first arive
  • Someone is shown talking to a Paradise-critter
  • Wells the Bartender becomes a therapist
  • Success stories Tanner and Jade or Carly and Evan are mentioned
  • Hot tub/pool makeout session
  • Two contestants fighting over the same girl/guy
  • “I think I’m falling for you”
  • A date card is rejected
  • Skinny dipping in the ocean

Finish your Drink…

  • An ambulance is needed to take someone away
  • Someone gets a black box of modesty
  • The L bomb gets dropped
  • One on one conversation with Chris Harrison
  • For every proposal

The new season of Bachelor in Paradise begins tonight!

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