The Bachelorette ep 8 review: Tia and Colton ruin Becca’s week

Let’s be honest, this wasn’t the most exciting of hometown dates. It was pretty easy to see where everything was going, but at least we’ll have some immediate Bachelor in Paradise drama in a few weeks…

Garrett got the first hometown of the week—quite a good sign—and he took her to plant tomatoes in the morning to remind Becca of her father. But then… we’re back onto the ex-wife story and how awful she was with the family. Honestly, I want to know so much more about this woman! Once Becca gets to the house, she has a perfectly lovely evening getting to know them and allaying their fears. They’re so smitten!

The Bachelorette 2018Next up is Jason, who takes Becca to a buffalo wing eating contest and to an empty ice rink for some kissing competition. Apparently, he’s a great puck-handler, so I’m kind of impressed. There’s a lot of sensitivity, his family seems incredible, and I can’t really say anything bad about him. He ends up telling her all about his feelings which he’s been scared to do so far, but I just know he won’t end up being the one. He’s skated under the radar for so long, and Becca is so enraptured by Garrett that it seems unlikely that anyone else will skate her off her feet.

Heading to snowy Colorado, Becca meets up with Blake next for a day exploring his high school before giving a big reveal: a shooter came into his school while he was in high school and one of the students died. Now that’s a massive reveal, and somehow we float right past that to his family, and onto his panic attacks after his last breakup. This boy has gone through some stuff!

Which saves Colton the last hometown spot. They do a few charity things at the children’s hospital, interacting with a couple of sweet kids. In the evening, they head down to meet the family and the dad digs deep into the Colton/Tia and Becca/Arie past relationships—is Colton a rebound from Arie? I guess that really sows doubt in Becca’s mind that is only compounded later on… Also strange, Colton and Becca both individually tell his mom about the virginity thing. WHY are you guys talking about this with your parents? Please, stop.

After all those exhausting hometowns, Becca rallies with her girlfriends and some mimosas. She gushes about her boys before Tia brings out the Colton drama again—how could you honestly be so attached to a guy you apparently went on one date with? Oh, because you want your five minutes of fame on Bachelor in Paradise? Of course…

As the men arrive for their cocktail party, Colton makes sure to tell one.more.person about his virginity before going home (thanks for the reactions, Chris Harrison!). I thought he was a private guy! Unsurprisingly, the roses were handed out to Blake, Jason, and Garrett. That means Colton is sent home without a surprise, and Becca tries to explain that she just knew he wasn’t the one—not because of Tia’s admission. Suuuure.

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