VTSL welcomes audiences back to school in raucous Back to School TheatreSports

On now, Vancouver TheatreSports League presents Back to School TheatreSports, the new feature show for September. This series lampoons classroom cliches and creates teams from the cliques you loved and hated. For this show, we had the jocks (Bill Pozzobon, Chris Casillan, Ellen Kennedy) and nerds (Rae Lynn Carson, Ashlee Ferral, and Scott Patey) with a Band Teacher (John Voth) leading our way through.

With a full Tuesday audience, this show kicked off with a bang. The two teams kept character throughout the night in hilarious bits filled with awkward moments and bro mentality. The show is a competition between the two teams to see which can get the most points from three audience judges throughout the night. But don’t worry, the scoring really doesn’t matter.

Audience suggestions were used to great effect, especially in a hilarious guessing game and translation skit. This is usually a great show for all audiences, although sometimes the improvisers can push it a little far. In one scene, the jocks were heading to Amsterdam and ended up in the Red Light District and at Anne Franks house—not something you probably ever want to see in improv, as it’s a little dark and depressing. They managed to side-step the blunder pretty quickly and keep things appropriate, but it created a noticeable audience reaction.

As always, I can’t get enough of VTSL shows. It’s almost a guaranteed fun night,

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