A Brief History of Human Extinction is the exciting new sci-fi love child of innovative Vancouver creators, Jordan Hall, Mind of a Snail Puppet Co., and Upintheair Theatre.

The Cultch is thrilled to present the world premiere of A Brief History of Human Extinction, a new sci-fi thriller created by Jordan Hall and Mind of a Snail Puppet Co., produced by Upintheair Theatre, Oct 10-20, 2018, at the Historic Theatre.

2178. A creeping fungal plague has rendered the surface of the planet uninhabitable. Trapped inside a retrofitted scientific facility, the last woman (Lisa C. Ravensbergen), man (Daniel Martin), and otter(!) on earth prepare for the launch of the Ark—a ship that will carry our planet’s genetic legacy to a new home. With the fate of the human species in the balance and tensions mounting, a series of strange occurrences reveal a terrifying possibility: there’s something alive outside the facility, and it would very much like to come in.

Exploring questions about our human nature, our culpability in the destruction of our earth, and our undying ability to hope for better things, award-winning playwright Jordan Hall (KayakHow to Survive an Apocalypse)—no stranger to plays about environmental disaster—traverses some of her favourite themes in A Brief History of Human Extinction. Collaborating with Mind of a Snail Puppet Co, a company known for its quirky and stylistic productions, and award-winning company Upintheair Theatre, celebrated for their envelope-pushing work, A Brief History of Human Extinction combines puppetry and live action, and invites you on a fun and fraught adventure; the last anyone will ever have…

Tickets are from $24. Single tickets on sale now through The Cultch’s Box Office: 604-251-1363 or tickets.thecultch.com.

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