Making its Canadian debut at the York Theate, Testosterone asks: What kind of ‘man’ are you?

The Cultch is pleased to present Kit Redstone and Rhum and Clay Theatre Company’s Testosterone, Oct 2-13, 2018, at the York Theatre.

Written by Kit Redstone, Testosterone draws on Redstone’s own autobiographical experiences and thoughts about gender. One year after his first injection of testosterone, trans man Kit is perceived completely as a man. However, with this triumph comes a crisis of masculinity; what kind of man is he?  When he enters a male gym changing room for the first time he’s confronted by masculinity in all its forms—the good, the bad and the ugly.

Known for their collaborative work, Rhum and Clay’s Julian Spooner and Matthew Wells created Testosterone alongside Kit Redstone— a match made in heaven. Redstone’s work, like Rhum and Clay’s, balances absurdist comedy with heart-felt explorations into what it means to be human. Testosterone balances humour and poignancy with music, monologues, and fantasy flashbacks. Says Redstone, “there’s a lot about identity in my work, but Testosterone is not about a trans person…It is about masculinity, but with a trans protagonist. It’s about trying to find a place in a very gendered world and making sense of who you are.”*

“Multi-layered and gripping physical theatre…this is a refreshing, genuinely smart piece of work, full of undercutting humour” — The Guardian

The show runs Oct 2–13 at The Cultch, and tickets are available from $24 at

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