VTSL brings the perfect fright to Spooktober shows

Vancouver TheatreSports League is offering many fun, spooky shows for Halloween. Last week, I had a chance to check out Monster Matches and Cult Fiction.

Monster Matches runs Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, Friday’s, and Saturday’s all October, pitting two teams of monsters against each other for many short-form scenarios. Three audience members are tasked as judges while the rest get to sit back and enjoy the hilarity. Audience suggestions and participation made this night one for the books, including a depiction of an audience member’s drunken night out in Vancouver.

Cult Fiction runs Thursday through Saturday’s and brought a fun, unique spin to the Halloween shows. We’ve all heard of some weird cults but in this show, we get to delve into a new BC cult of our own creation. In their first show, the Kitimat cult does jumping jacks and is curious about what blue tastes like. With audience suggestions throughout the night, we got great stories of audience relationships—including a pilot and flight attendant getting high on a WestJet flight before getting indoctrinated in this cult. With so many great performers in one show, this is sure to create some good memories from your improv night. Plus if you’re lucky, you’ll see Pierce as the cult leader break character on stage.

VTSL also has Scared Witless – Creepy Campfire Tales on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and WTF – What The Fright on Friday and Saturday late nights. Whether you want to check out a monster competition, a mockumentary, a ghost story, or a media-based show, there’s something for everyone this October. Tickets at www.vtsl.com 

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