Review: Testosterone shines as a tale of transformation

Testosterone brings Kit Redstone’s experiences and thoughts about gender to life in this powerful, rallying performance.

One year after his first injection of testosterone, trans man Kit is perceived completely as a man. However, with this triumph comes a crisis of masculinity; what kind of man is he? When he enters a male gym changing room for the first time he’s confronted by masculinity in all its forms—the good, the bad and the ugly.

Despite the heavy subject and autobiographical nature, this show never feels preachy or over-the-top. Instead, it’s much more stream of consciousness—bouncing between hilarious stylized sequences to determine what “manhood” really means, while still rooting through a particular locker-room scene and a standoff with a towel.

In a lot of ways, we’re within Redstone’s mind seeing this incredibly tumultuous and conflicted internal dialogue. By alternating between exaggerated past experiences, fantastical interpretations, and realistic present life, Redstone managed to give the audience a small window into his life. He questions toxic masculinity, performs a comedic and sensual gym-dance choreography, and discusses the insidiousness of rape culture all in one go.

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