This Duet We’ve Already Done (so many times) brings Montreal dance virtuoso, Frédérick Gravel back to Vancouver

The Cultch is pleased to present Frédérick Gravel’s This Duet We’ve Already Done (so many times), November 27-December 1, 2018, at the Historic Theatre.

In This Duet We’ve Already Done (so many times), renowned choreographer and dancer Frédérick Gravel, along with dancer Brianna Lombardo revisit the pas de deux, an element of dance that, as professional dancers, they have worked and reworked—so many times! This Duet We’ve Already Done (so many times) explores the intimacy of human relationship, relying on our knowledge of the familiar form of duet, while leaving room for creative decisions made in the moment by two world class dancers. However, unlike many duets, “this duo is not happening in the beginning or at the end of love,” says Gravel, in interview with Magazine Df Danse, “but rather in a period of acceptance where tensions have disappeared. This stage of the relationship allows us to work on the duo without being overly-needy or scared of the other.”

A departure from the ensemble work Gravel is known for, This Duet We’ve Already Done (so many times), retains foundations of Gravel’s unique choreography style, essentials that have made his work so well known in Canada and internationally. Combining elements of performance art and rock music, as well as a starkly composed stage—An iPad for music, speakers, projectors, a chair, a few pairs of shoes, whisky, water, and glasses—This Duet We’ve Already Done (so many times) is a matchless piece of Canadian dance that has garnered rave reviews for its power and passion whenever it has been performed.

This Duet We’ve Already Done (so many times) comes to The Cultch November 27–December 1. Tickets from $24. Single tickets on sale now through The Cultch’s Box Office: 604-251-1363 or