Starting Today: 22nd Annual Eastside Culture Crawl Opens Doors to Dynamic Community of Artists

Studios will be opened, garages exposed, and artworks displayed as Vancouver’s favourite celebration of visual arts, design, and crafts – the 22nd Annual Eastside Culture Crawl – takes flight across Vancouver’s vibrant Eastside community from November 15 to 18, 2018. With more than 35,000 fervent art lovers, cultural patrons, and curious tourists coalescing to marvel at Vancouver’s plethora of exceptionally talented art makers, the Crawl invites visitors to immerse themselves in Canada’s largest artistic community of its kind, which extends from Columbia Street to Victoria Drive and from 1st Avenue to the Waterfront, through on-site visits, live demonstrations, probing presentations, and intriguing installations.

“More than just the home to Vancouver’s popular, four-day celebration of visual arts, the Eastside community contains the largest ratio of artists per capita in the country and serves as the nucleus for hundreds of visual artists and their studios,” says Esther Rausenberg, Executive Director of the Eastside Culture Crawl. “Unsurprisingly, the current economic climate in Vancouver is making it difficult for people to survive the rapid pace of development in this city, and many artists are struggling to retain their studio spaces.”

Rausenberg continues, “Our mission is not only to celebrate our visual artists during the Crawl, but also support their growth and vibrancy all year long. We are committed to working together with the artistic community towards the goal of retaining a zero loss of studio space by coming up with sustainable creative solutions and assisting artists to find suitable studio replacements so they can continue to thrive.”

One way the Crawl is helping to increase artists’ profiles and enhance visitors’ experience of this beloved event is through the launch of a brand new festival app. Available for free download on November 15, the Eastside Culture Crawl app will help festival-goers better navigate the neighbourhood, favourite preferred artists, and locate nearby refreshments, bike parking, and car-sharing vehicles. By improving upon an already popular event, the Crawl hopes to continue growing its audience, thereby encouraging and advocating for participating artists to keep producing their brilliant works of art.

Attracting long-time fans from across the Pacific Northwest and beyond, the Eastside Culture Crawl will showcase its more than 500 participating artists, who despite financial challenges and the rigours of life in a fast-paced, ever-evolving city, continue to produce inspiring and compelling works, including paintings, sculptures, pottery, photography, jewelry, glass art, furniture, and much more. This year’s event will include a series of workshops and demonstrations for those passionate followers looking to learn about the inner workings of their favourite art form such as pottery, live chainsaw carving, natural textile dyeing, and glassblowing. To learn more about the workshops and events offered, visit

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